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Woman who was paralyzed during sex loses court battle with her bed company

Earlier today, a woman who had been paralyzed during sex lost her high court claim and seven-figure bid.

Claire Busby, a 46-year old British woman, was paralyzed after suffering a spinal injury when she fell off her king-sized bed and landed on her head. Her injury occurred while she was changing sexual positions with her partner.

According to Busy, her injury was a direct result of the poor mattresses she purchased from ‘Beds Are Uzzz’, run by the Berkshire Bed Company. She claimed the bed had been in a ‘defective state’ at the time of her injury and attempted to sue them for damages.

Much to her dismay, the high court judge rejected her claim, stating that her bed wasn’t defective and her injury was just a “tragic accident”. The judge added that the accident occurred because of unusual positioning on the bed, and claimed such an event could not have been foreseen by the production company.

After the judge gave his verdict, the director of Berkshire Bed Company Richard Manders said:

“We are delighted the court has ruled in our favour. We are sorry that Ms. Busby was injured and we wish her and her family well for the future.”

According to the court’s records, the bed was one of five delivered to Ms. Busby’s home in August 2013 when she was renovating her home.

Ms. Busby, who was a former real-estate worker herself, was injured a week after the bed was delivered while having sex with her then partner John Marshall.

She told the court that she was kneeling in the center of the bed and decided to change her position and “swung her legs” from underneath her, before laying back on the bed with her head near the bottom end.

As she started to move, the bed started to give way and she toppled off the end and landed on her head.

“My head hit the floor, I fell to the side and then I heard like a spring in my body snap, it felt like,” she said.

Ms. Busby claimed that the two ‘divans’ that made of the bed’s base weren’t fastened together and the two ‘gliders’ were missing from the end of the bed, creating a height difference between both ends.

Winston Hunter GC, her prosecuting attorney, said she expected the mattress to support her weight as she laid back on the bed, but it failed to do so and she kept moving “backwards and downwards.”

Her sexual partner Mr. Marshall reportedly told London’s high court that he found the situation kind of funny at first, before he realized she couldn’t get up from her bedroom floor.

Marshall had been married to his wife Sue for almost twenty years, and started a relationship with Ms. Busy, a recent divorcee herself, just a couple days after meeting her in Spain.

A friend claimed Marshall had moved down to Ms. Busby’s Surrey home to look after her, leaving his ex-wife Sue ‘very upset’. He has reportedly not married another woman, with whom he now lives.

Ms. Busby’s ex-husband Neil Bulmer spoke to The Sun’s news agency after the case went public, said he thought her compensation claim was rubbish.

“Claire was sex mad when we were together but I can’t believe she’s trying to blame the bed,” he said.

The bed company’s legal team argued that it was properly assembled at the time of delivery and that even if gliders were missing, it wouldn’t have lost balance in the way Ms. Busby suggested.