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Woman apologizes to 9 year old black child after accusing him of sexual assault

A New York city white woman, nicknamed “Cornerstone Caroline” on social media, has apologized for calling the NYPD on a 9-year old African-American boy. The whole scene, which occurred last Wednesday, was eventually posted online.

“Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry.”

A video of “Cornerstore Caroline” received over 4 million views on Friday after Facebook user Jason Stovetop Littlejohn had shared it on his social media website. According to a news report from the New York Post, the incident occurred just outside the Sahara Deli market in Brooklyn, New York.

Stovetop Littlejohn wrote in the video’s caption:

“As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and decided to call police on a nine year old child. As you can see the kid is crying and the mom is upset.”

In the video, the woman is heard talking on her cell phone, asserting that she was “sexually assaulted” by a young black child and she wanted the cops there right away. The child in question and his sister are seen in the background of the video, sobbing, as their mother attempts to comfort them.

As the tape goes on, a group of people begins to crowd around her, and the woman becomes aware she is being videotaped.  Many people in the crowd leap to the young boy’s defense, expressing anger at the white woman’s presumption.

“What is your problem,” a woman told Klein, “You’re calling the police on a child. Go away!

“White lady calls the cops on a black lady, I get it,”, she tells the people around her. “They’re videotaping.”

She continues to talk to the police on her phone, expressing further irritation towards the mother.

“Her son grabbed my ass, and she decided to yell at me.”

This incident was the latest in a series of controversial instances wherein white people have called the police on black people who have simply been going about their daily lives, either sitting in Starbucks, barbequing in a park, etc.

The woman claimed at the time that there was surveillance footage in the grocery store to back up her claims. However, on Friday, a new reporter from WPIX11 named Andrew Ramos, sent out a tweet with the store surveillance footage of the incident. He says that the video proves that the woman ‘was wrong’ and that the child did not intend to touch her a—


Many people who had watched the video had heard her recite her mobile number. However, none of them were able to get through, suggesting that she might have disconnected her number following the events on Wednesday.

Ramos identified the woman as Teresa, however further identification was received from news outlets such as Vice News and the New York Post who reported her full name to be Teresa Sue Klein. Ramos had also posted a video where he interviewed Teresa a little after the incident.

Klein told reporters that a significant number of people have contacted her with threats her since the video’s uploading.

“I understand how it works, but she escalated it and then I lost my temper at her, not at that child.”