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White woman claims Abraham Lincoln was the first black president

Many black people around the world cerebrated the election of former president Barack Obama for becoming America’s first black president. Well, according to activist Jane Elliott, Obama was not the first black president, Abraham Lincoln was.

According to Elliott, Abraham Lincoln was not caucasian, he was a Melungeon; a person of African American, Native American and European ancestry.

Some Melungeons hail from the Appalachian region which extends from the U.S. to some parts of Canada. Melungeons are said to have come from East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia.

According to the Washington Post, Melungons “have been maligned and denied their basic rights. They have been pushed off of fertile land. They have been barred from schools. They have been prohibited from voting,”

Author Elizabeth Hirschman explains in her book Melungeons: The Last Lost Tribe in America, “that Abraham Lincoln was of Melungeon descent was first suggested, to my knowledge, by Brent Kennedy.”

“Kennedy comments that Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks, was in all likelihood of Melungeon heritage, given several facts of her background,” she continues.

In the Appalachian Histories & Mysteries it says that “Melungeons are considered to be bi- or tri-racial individuals, of varying and debatable ethnicities ranging from African to Jewish to European, living in the Appalachian region. These people have been particularly famous for living in small enclaves in Hawkins and Hancock Counties of Eastern Tennessee, Lee, Scott, and Wise Counties of Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina. Smaller communities of family groups were once known to live in Western South Carolina, Southern West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky. According to the Melungeon Heritage Association, at least 200 other mixed-ethnic groups have been identified in the Eastern United States, such as the Guineas of West Virginia, the We-Sorts of Maryland, the Nanticokes and Moors of Delaware, the Jackson Whites of New York and New Jersey, the Cubans and Portuguese of North Carolina, the Turks and Brass Ankles of South Carolina, and the Creoles and Redbones of Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana.”

Earlier this month, a TMZ reporter asked Kanye West about his 13th amendment comments and political views. 

“Neither of us are scholars. So Lincoln, that is like conspiracy, some people think that he might have been Black. You’ve heard that? So I can’t say that Lincoln was Black or white.” said Kanye West.

Even though there has been rumours that Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks, was black, no formal proof has been found to back up this claim.

“If Lincoln had any African ancestry in his background, although there is no proof he did, it does not matter because he was seen and lived as a white man,” says NewsOne.