What to expect for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 and S10+

Samsung will be hopeful that the Galaxy S10 will revert the negative consumer trend resulting the poor reception of the S9 and S9+. The Galaxy Note 9 released this August did fare slightly better than its S9 and S9+ counterparts, but most reports indicate that the S10 will contain the most feature updates since the release of the Galaxy S6 in 2015.

The Galaxy 10 and 10+ will both feature triple lens cameras, and the larger of the two will also have a dual lens front. In addition, next-generation processors and RAM modules will help give the new smartphone a massive speed boost and an unbreakable display deck, superior to any Samsung displays we have seen as of yet

The creators at Samsung appear to be working on multiple models as well. According to an anonymous source who identifies as Ice Universe on Twitter and Weibo, ‘beyond’, Samsung’s codename for the Galaxy S10, has 4 candidate colours: black, white green, silver, and pink.


There appears to be 4 models of beyond that Samsung has been working on.

beyond 0– This is the first model of the Samsung S10. It could possibly have a 5.8-inch display, side mounted fingerprint scanner, and a single rear camera. This is assumed to be the lowest priced S10 with lower-end specs.

beyond 1– This is the primary version of Samsung’s main Galaxy S10 which is said to have a 5-inch display similar to that in Beyond 0, but with a dual rear camera.

beyond 2-This is a bigger version of the new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ model, with possibly a 6.44-inch display, triple rear camera, and a double front-facing camera.

beyond 2 5G– This is Samsung’s first Galaxy phone that supports 5G, but is otherwise identical to the beyond 2 model.

One can say with certainty that Samsung has worked on three base Galaxy S10 models (with a 4th 5G model version of the Galaxy S10), but cannot say for sure whether all 4 models will actually be released.

These models will be launched with next-generation silicon from Samsung or Qualcomma. The 5G model could either have the Qalcomm Snapdragon X50 or the Samsung Exynos 5100. We expect the Exynos model to be released in South Korea when the country’s 5G networks are ready and the 5G Snapdragon models to be launched in the United States when the country’s 5G networks are ready.

The Samsung S10 is likely to be released in early 2019. Samsung claims the price of the new Galaxy S10 smartphone will likely be on the higher end of $950.