What “Friends” character is most likely to be your friend in real life?


No friendship could ever come close to the ones from our favourite 90’s sitcom! But which ‘Friends’ character would be your real friend? Take this quiz and find out!

"Friends" Quiz

Friends Show Cast Dancing in Water Fountain

"Friends" Quiz

Question 1 of 12.

Pick a song

“Baby got Back” by Sir Mix a Lot
"You got a friend in me” by Lyle Lovett
“Single Lady” by Beyoncé
“Mama liked the Roses”- Elvis Presley

Question 2 of 12.

Pick a movie

1. Baywatch
2. Jurassic Park
3. Mean Girls
4. American Pie

Question 3 of 12.

What do you like to do on a Friday night?

1. Go on a shopping spree
2. Stay home and tidy up your room
3. Get busssyyyy
4. Watch tv on the couch

Question 4 of 12.

Do you like foosball?

1. Yes
2. No

Question 5 of 12.

What is your favourite holiday food?

1. Yams
2. Turkey
4. Meh, anything that’s not from the dumpster

Question 6 of 12.

What do you need to bond with your friends?

1. Cry together over your breakups
2. Buy a small animal together
3. Share our twisted feelings with each other
4. Go on a road trip together

Question 7 of 12.

Do you snuggle with your friends

1. Of course!
2. Maybe sometimes...

Question 8 of 12.

What would you do to cheer up a friend after a break up?

1. Give them fat-free ice cream
2. Buy them a new comfy chair
3. Take them to a Basketball game
4. Give them some reality and tough love

Question 9 of 12.

If you wronged your friend, how would you make it up to them?

1. Say sorry and promise to never do it again
2. Buy them a new chair
3. Sing them a song
4. Sit in an air tight box and think about what you’ve done

Question 10 of 12.

Can you keep a secret for a friend?

1. 100%
2. I can try but no promises
3. Likely no…
4. “I’m (insert your name)!”

Question 11 of 12.

If you and your friend get into a fight, is it ok to betray them?

1. YES.
2. No

Question 12 of 12.

How would your friend feel if you moved away?

1. They’d wish me the best
2. They’d be fine cause they would think it wouldn’t last
3. They’d cry and beg me to stay
4. They’d sulk and ignore me
5. I’d give them the cold shoulder but not tell them why

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"Friends" Quiz

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