US Government denies Bloomberg ‘spy chip’ report, siding with Apple and Amazon

Homeland Security announced on Sunday that they have “no reason to doubt” statements made by Apple, Amazon and Super Micro, who all deny allegations made against them by a Bloomberg report last week. It is the first statement from the US government on the subject, therefore casting doubt on the findings. Homeland Security’s findings are most identical to those at the United Kingdom National Cyber Security System.

Citing over 12 sources, Bloomberg claimed that China installed small chips on Super Micro motherboards, which are used by tech companies such as Amazon and Apple to power their datacenters’ power servers. The chip can apparently compromise data on the severe, giving China access information to some of the world’s most affluent and powerful companies.

Following Bloomberg’s report. Super Micro’s shares plummeted by 40%, while Apple’s and Amazon’s went down by 1% and 1.5% respectively.

Homeland security is a governmental agency that protections the nation’s cyber systems from all threats, both foreign and domestic. It is uncommon that the government will issue a statement on a threat, which according to Bloomberg, is classified and has been under federal investigation for over three years.

The fact is that days after the story broke, some of the smartest, tech-savvy, rational cybersecurity experts still haven’t found any conclusive evidence one way or another-Bloomberg as well as everyone else.

Apple, Amazon, and Super Micro published statements on their websites soon after. While Bloomberg seems to be sticking its reporting, it seems as if nothing is for sure as of yet, even days after the story’s initial publication.