Uber will introduce a “Get to the Polls” feature on election day

Uber is introducing a “Get to the Polls” feature in hopes of increasing voter turnout for this year’s elections in the United States.

“Using our technology and resources, we can help make it easier for every Uber rider in the U.S. to get to their polling place at the push of a button,” said Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

“Get to the Polls” will help passengers and drivers get registered to vote by sharing voter registration information through the Uber app, while also providing transportation services to the polling stations.

Uber screenshot demonstration of voter feature

On election day, which is November 6th, Uber passengers throughout the United States can locate their designated polling stations using the app. Once the voting place is located, you can request a ride there. The fees are standard.

Note: you must have the updated version of the Uber app to use this feature.

The “Get to the Polls” button will appear as an option on the app on November 6th.

Uber is also offering free rides to voting stations for people who live in certain communities with the association of nonprofits Democracy Works and #VoteTogether.

Lyft is also aiming to do something similar to Uber’s “Get to the Polls”. The company recently said in an announcement that it will release a “product integration to help passengers find their polling location.”