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Trump has another tense exchange with a female reporter over Kavanaugh allegations

Today during a WH press conference President Trump responded to a female ABC reporter Cecilia Vega’s line of questioning stating “That’s ok. I know you’re not thinking, you never do”.  He interrupts her a couple times but ultimately provides an answer about the FBI investigation and asks that the topic be pushed aside for the moment.

This is not the first time Trump has had a questionable encounter with a female reporter over the Kavanaugh debacle. This comes in the aftermath of another such incident last week.

Last Wednesday, during the 5th conference of his presidency, Trump got into an altercation with a female reporter that ended with the President asking her to “please sit down”.

The reporter’s questions revolved primarily around the allegations of sexual assault that have been swerving around Trump’s nominee for the supreme court, Brett Kavanaugh. She also addressed the various allegations against himself that have been made as a result of false reporting and the “Fake News” media. Trump defended the judge citing the allegations made against him in the past, making the argument that if it happened to him, it could happen to others. He claims that such allegations made against his supreme court nominee may also be of the same nature.

When the reporter attempts to continue her line of questioning, Trump retorts:

“You’ve been asking a question for ten minutes, please sit down.”

She politely ignores his request and asks her question.

The incidents that occurred today and last Wednesday have both been part and parcel of the President’s continuous refusal to engage in a dialogue with female reporters over the Kavanaugh issue. This has been making some viewers suspicious of Trump’s motives for avoiding the topic. 


Trump had been at the White House for a press conference to discuss his recent NAFTA trade deals with Canada and Mexico.