Truecaller breaks into the messaging scene with new software

Today it was announced that Truecaller, an app that screens spam calls and messages, will now be introducing a new chatting service. The company stated that it would be adding the message feature to all its Android and iOS apps, and that it is already live for Android B users.

This announcement comes following their recent entry into the field of mobile payments through adding person-to-person transfers and bills. Their objective is to have third parties integrate to merge their services into its app, so their new chat feature seemed inevitable. 

Truecaller has moved from a spam detection service, to a mobile payment company, and now a messaging chat service.

In addition, Truecaller hopes that its new messaging features will help combat the “fake news” phenomenon that has plagued WhatsApp, particularly in India. However, while Truecaller has a strong user community, the information it uses to identify spam phone numbers inside the app comes as a result of community reporting. Many are not sure if their solutions will be any different from claims made by both WhatsApp and Facebook. In addition, it will not have fact checkers either on the reports that they receive.

This feature could be particularly useful for Android Users. According to a TechCrunch, the app will work in a similar manner to that of Apple’s iMessage. Therefore, messages sent between Truecaller users will be sent free of cost, while messages sent to other numbers will be sent as an SMS. In addition, since many of users already have the Truecaller app, they can send messages that will not return with an automated message asking the sender to “invite them to join”.

Truecaller has over 100 million daily users (250 million registered) and with chat, the app’s management hopes to grow the platform even further before opening it to third parties, which could happen by the end of the year.