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Sony Music HQ stormed by police after knife fight breaks out between two canteen workers

Earlier today, the London HQ of Sony Music was taken under siege by armed police forces. The office workers cowered under tables after two canteen workers got into a fight that ended with one of them being stabbed. Sony employees claimed they heard screams from the canteen on the upstairs floor, the holding for Simon Cowell’s entertainment company. He is believed to have been there at the time.

Thus far, Scotland Yard claims that two people were injured, with one of the casualties in the hospital, while the other is in a trauma center. According to news reports, two arrests were made following the incident. The footage from the scene shows a casualty being moved out in a stretcher, while another video shows a man being led off in handcuffs.

According to the Independent, a witness claimed he heard “commotion” at around 11 am coming from the building’s third floor. Apparently, the two men seemed to be fighting, with one man on the floor and the other one brooding over him. 

“I thought he was raining punches down but I realized a few moments alter he was holding a large kitchen knife.”

The witness said the man on the floor blocked most of the blows with his hands, but eventually was cut deep in his thigh. Apparently, the staff attempted to intervene but the witness claimed they didn’t want to get in the way.

“There was a lot of blood. It was splattered all over the floor.”

Following the violent altercation, the two canteen workers were separated, while colleagues took the armed man to the far end of the canteen, trying to calm him down. The knife yielding man also seemed to have some wounds of his own. The other employees used a tea towel to create a makeshift bandage to halt the victim’s bleeding.

As of yet, it isn’t certain whether both men were armed or whether the ‘alleged’ aggressor had injured himself with his own knife when the 2nd man tried to (in vain) defend himself.

Shortly after, police officers stormed the building fearing a potential terrorist plot similar to the Westminster stabbings last year. Understandably, the volatile police presence spurred panic among the people in the building.

“I think people thought it was going to be some kind of Charlie Hebdo thing,” said the witness, likening it to the mass shooting of an atheist cartoon magazine in 2015.

Police officers swarmed the street as the incident ensued. Staff were evacuated and brought to the side of the street. Some witnesses claim they saw a man with a gun enter the building, but the police affirm no firearms were involved in this incident.

A statement added: “Two members of the catering team were involved in a violent altercation. The incident is now in the hands of the Metropolitan Police.”