Snapchat is partnering with Amazon so users can buy products using image recognition technology

Snapchat Inc. is in works with Amazon to alter the online marketing process by allowing its users to purchase products from Amazon by simply snapping a picture of the item on the app.

Earlier this week, Snapchat Inc. addressed its partnership with Amazon to provide a new interactive shopping feature by linking the massive online retailer to its social media platform.

According to Snap, the company is running tests on the feature today, and will start introducing it to the public shortly.

The feature will be fairly easy to use. The user must snap a photo of the product or the barcode, this can be anything from a cologne bottle to an electronic item. After the photo is taken the user is redirected to the home screen where it will show options to purchase the product in a pop-up menu from Amazon’s online store.

This partnership is not recent news. Snap Inc. expressed its interest in pursuing this project back in July and it is finally being tested with a select few users in the United States.

According to Mashable, what sparked this project was Snapchat users’ affinity for “e-commerce and online impulse buys.”

Snap Inc.’s attempt to develop this feature “could eventually present another source of revenue for the troubled social-media company” according to Bloomberg.

“The Los Angeles-based company, which went public at $17 a share last year, has posted disappointing revenue growth and user additions in some recent quarters. The company declined to comment on its financial relationship with Amazon.”

Bloomberg elaborates that: “the move is part of a broader trend to incorporate smartphone cameras into commerce by using image-recognition technology to streamline the searching and shopping process.”

“Pinterest Inc. has a similar tool to shop for items or search for ideas via images. Online marketplace EBay is using smartphones to let merchants simply point their cameras at products and then auto-populate fields such as brand and product description, and even to suggest prices and the best box size.”

Just as of today, Snap Inc. shares continue to decline by 1 percent, and Amazon stock slightly rose to $1,917.04.