Samsung reveals the much anticipated foldable screen smartphone prototype

A Samsung executive said at an event today, “How can we make the screen bigger without actually increasing the size of the device itself?” The tech executive then went on to present the highly anticipated dual-screen folding smartphone prototype.

Samsung announced the foldable phone with “Infinity Flex Display,” in its annual developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. This will be the first mobile device that can be unfolded for a larger size without compromising pocket space.

Even though Samsung obscured the shape of the device during the event (by using a bulky cover), we know that there’s an outer display screen when the device is folded. As TechCrunch notes, the outer screen has “fairly low screen to body ration.” However, you get a 7.3 cosplay screen when the phone is unfolded.

Samsung SVP of Mobile Product Marketing Justin Denison said, “Infinity Flex represents the biggest leap forward in mobile display technology in the last decade. We’ll be ready to start mass production in the coming months.” The actual phone with the infinity flex display is expected to launch in 2019.

The executive noted that the device is made of a durable material which is a composite polymer, and is so durable that it can be folded “hundreds of thousands of times.”

The phone can support up to three applications running at the same time. The updated android software will support the foldable screen so you will be able to transition between apps easily from the outer display screen to the much bigger inner screen. The phone’s full features function even when the device is folded to its smaller size.

Most Samsung fans who were looking to hear more details about the specs or release date were sorely disappointed. No further information was released on the name price, design, or any other further details. But he did note that the hardware used on stage was only demo tech and not the material that will be used to make the new device. 

However, Google’s VP of engineering made an appearance at the conference, providing some hints on the foldable phone’s software. he confirmed that Google’s Android software will support Samsung’s foldable phone model and provide a simple method for developers to adapt their apps accordingly. Speaking at the summit, he said:

“We’re enhancing Android to take advantage of this new form factor with as little work as necessary from you,” he told developers in attendance. “It’s an exciting concept and we expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers. In fact, we’re already working closely with Samsung on a new device they plan to launch early next year.”

Samsung says they plan to start mass production of the device in a few months after conducting some more tests. Nonetheless, he said that there should be more announcements in the next event in 2019.

Samsung says the foldable phone is the “foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow.”