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Rapper Kanye West invites homeless man to the studio to show him some ‘beats’

Kanye West spotted the homeless Nino Blu rapping on the street in Greenwich Village this Saturday morning. West who is performing on the season opener of “Saturday Night Live” tonight did not hesitate to invite the aspiring rapper into the studio to show him some “beats.”

“My birthday was the other day and I just became homeless because the guy of the place I was living with was a little crazy, and uhmm, I’m out here on the street and Kanye is bringing me to the studio right now” says Blu in the video.

“He let me rap to him and said that I have good energy and he’s gonna show me some beats and stuff and I feel extremely blessed.”


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“I just want everyone back there to know that if you have a dream or you have anything that you feel you are pursuing, keep going for that sh**t till the very end because you don’t know what potentially could happen. The universe works in very mysterious ways and I feel extremely blessed for Kanye West to help me out with this,” Blu continues.

Right at the end, the camera turns to Kanye who ends the video by saying “All love.”