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Puppy receives “Dog of the Year” award after protecting his owner from a rattlesnake

A puppy from Arizona made headlines over the summer after he protected his owner from a rattlesnake. On October 22nd, Todd the golden retriever was named “Dog of the Year” by dog-biscuit brand Milk-bone at the inaugural Streamy Awards in Beverly Hills, California.

Earlier in July, when Todd was just six months old, he and his owner Paula Godwin took a hike in Anthem, Arizona. When a rattlesnake appeared, Todd leaped in front of Godwin’s leg to shield her from the rattlesnake Godwin says would “surely” have bitten her. Sadly, the little pup was bitten in the face in the process.

She said: “This snake did not give any indication he was there. Usually if I hear a rattle I am alert and I am backing away-but nothing.”

“I think he was just resting in the road, he was a grey speckled white rattlesnake and looked just like that road and I did not see him.”

“Just be aware. I am so aware, so vigilant, so aware of my surroundings, and I didn’t see him either.”

Paula was able to rush Todd quickly to the possibly and luckily, after 12 hours of medical attention he was on his way to a full recovery. However, he was left with a damaged face.

At the ceremony, the prize was presented by Gus Kenworthy, an Olympic silver medalist and freestyle skier, and lover of canine creatures.

“We are so honored to win the first-ever Milk-Bone Dog of the Year Honor. To be a part of a celebration like this [is] so rewarding since the Streamys is typically a people-only awards show,” Godwin said. “We are truly grateful and blessed. Todd will be celebrating with lots of Milk-Bone treats!”

Godwin said she is overjoyed her dog received such a special prize, since it will raise awareness for the GoFundMe established in Todd’s honor. “Friends of Todd” helps raise funds for other dogs whose owners cannot afford anti-venom medications for similar snake injuries.

“There’s a lot of people out there who can’t afford the $500 dose and their pets die because of it,” Godwin said.