Plan out a day and we will tell you which “How I Met Your Mother” character you are


How we plan our day more or less defines who we are. The same is true of Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lili, and Robin. Let’s see how your ideal day matches up with those of the gang from HIMYM!

"HIMYM" Quiz

5 main How I Met Your Mother characters together celebrating

"HIMYM" Quiz

Question 1 of 12.

When do you wake up?

1. 8:00 am
2. 3:00 am
3. Whenever daddy's home
4. 7:30 am

Question 2 of 12.

What do you want to eat for breakfast?

1. Your significant other makes you a bagel with cream cheese
2. Pancakes
3. Canadian bacon
4. All of these seem good, but none of them are the “one”

Question 3 of 12.

What do you want to wear to work?

2. Dress shirt and jeans
3. Dress Pants and a Collared shirt
4. A colourful dress

Question 4 of 12.

Ideally, where would you want to work?

1. Bank
2. Please...
3. News room
4. School

Question 5 of 12.

What is your choice of commute?

1. Subway/Metro
2. I can walk there!
3. Taxi
4. Fake a heart attack and take an ambulance

Question 6 of 12.

Pick some news you’d want to hear

1. You're getting married
2. You got a promotion!
3. It’s ‘Happy Not-A-Father’s’ Day!!!!!!!!
4. You're pregnant
5. Your favourite team won the championship

Question 7 of 12.

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

1. Go to the Mall
2. Visit a museum
3. Spend some quality time at your local strip club
4. Watch the game at a sports bar

Question 8 of 12.

Who do you want to spend the rest of your day with?

1. My wife
2. My pets
3. My latest one-night stand
4. The love of my life, wherever she is (sigh)

Question 9 of 12.

Where do you want to eat dinner?

1. Your local pub
2. Shinjitsu ( Japanese cuisine)
3. Burger Grill

Question 10 of 12.

Pick an activity to do at home

1. 'Read a Magazine'
2. Take a bath
3. I said a bang, bang, bangitty bang!

Question 11 of 12.

Pick something to watch before bed

1. Star Wars
2. Die Hard
3. Dirty Dancing
4. The Wedding Bride

Question 12 of 12.

What clothes do you go to sleep in?

1. A suit-jama
2. Pyjamas
3. T-shirt and your undergarments
4. A night-gown

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"HIMYM" Quiz

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