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Piers Morgan has a pie thrown in his face on behalf “of all the dads who wear papooses”

Good Morning Britain’s TV talk show host Piers Morgan had a pie smashed in his face this morning for referring to Daniel Craig as “emasculated” when he held his baby daughter in a front pack.

This humorous incident follows Morgan’s recent controversial tweets about the James Bond actor. He had tweeted a photo of Craig carrying his daughter in what Morgan called a “papoose”. He referred to the image as #emasculatedBond.

A number of social media users started to tweet Morgan photos of themselves carrying their own children in baby slings. Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, joined the conversation tweeting, “any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside”. Morgan fired back, retorting that “Captain America wouldn’t wear a papoose.”


Morgan, who is a father himself, stood by his stated viewpoints. “I just expressed a genuinely held opinion that papooses are emasculating, embarrassing and unnecessary-and the virtue-signalling world’s gone bonkers,” said Morgan. 

During this morning’s segment, Morgan was repeatedly mocked by the Good Morning Britain crew for his contempt for dads who wear baby carriers. Morgan just continued to exclaim that he “just does not like them”.

Guest interviewee Harry Hill then felt it necessary to pie the British talk show icon for his comments about the James Bond actor and any father who carries their father in baby carriers.

“The pie is for all those men that wear papooses”, Hill exclaimed as he pied Piers in the face. “That’s for the guys who wear papooses. All right! It’s for Ross Kemp and Daniel Craig!”

His co-anchor Susanna Reid burst into laughter, promoting Morgan to take another pie toss it in her direction. Reid proceeded to return the favour. 

The camera then zoomed in on entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold wearing a baby doll in a papoose, along with other crew members backstage.

Following all of this tomfoolery, Morgan demonstrated how to properly hold one’s baby, holding one baby doll in each harm. However, actor Ross Kemp explained why the baby carrier was better for “bonding” and safety.

As amusing as it was, it seems as though the ordeal may have been planned in advance by the GMB team. Most folks on Twitter seemed to have speculated as much, and claim it detracts from the segment’s comedic effect.

Earlier in the show, Morgan and Reid had been making pies on air with guest comedian Harry Hill, who had come on GMB to promote his new children’s comedy show.

It’s unclear whether the pie in the face was planned. However, Reid said prior to the segment that she “had a feeling what’s coming next”.