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These two monkeys are on a quest for social media stardom

A few years ago, things did not look bright for Diddy Kong. His two parents had died of pneumonia and he was still a baby monkey residing at the Lauderdale animal sanctuary in Southern Florida.

Now, Diddy has over a million followers on Instagram and has a sizeable fanbase including celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Neil Patrick Harris. He strutted a fashion catwalk and even appeared in a Wiz Khalifa music video.

Diddy’s rise to stardom was a swift one. In 2015, when Miami-based model Gabriella Katia and her boyfriend Matt Crown first saw Diddy Kong at the Lauderdale animal sanctuary, it was love at first sight and they adopted him as soon as they could. Once Diddy had been nursed back to health, the couple started sharing his photos on Instagram.  Then on December 12, 2015, Gabriella shared a video of her giving the monkey a bath with a toothbrush.



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The post was a massive hit and gained thousands of likes before being shared on major Instagram accounts such as LAD Bible and UNILAD. Within a few months, the 3-year-old, 5-inch, monkey had over one million followers.

“If you would have told me three years ago that I was going to have a famous pet monkey, I would have never believed it”, says Katia, Diddy Kong’s mother and an aspiring Maxim cover girl herself.

However, the couple felt that Diddy must be lonely with no other monkeys to talk to so they bought a new money named Yeti Kong. Yeti is only two and a half inches tall himself but the two have become a beloved pair.

While they spend most of their time cuddling or chasing each other around the model’s apartment, they also have their own agency-The Dog Agency.

The Dog Agency is a sponsor for animal social media stars such as Diddy and Yeti Kong. The name may be misleading as they work with a wide range of animals including stars like Atticus the Hedgehog.

These monkeys’ popularity has only increased through their sponsorship and they have now done promotions for Two Hats beer and will be attending Petcon this year with other acclaimed pets


He even goes on runway catwalks with his mother, whose call to fame is now more often than not because of her famous monkey. She has modelled with him on her shoulder and is often asked to accompany him on her catwalks.



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“They forget about the model and the swimsuit, they’re all looking at the monkey”, she jokes.

Diddy Kong and his little friend Yeti Kong have become very successful and most of their proceeds go to a good cause. According to Gabriella, they have recently partnered with Klique App, who is donating to an animal charity of their choice through downloads