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Newly recruited puppies steal the show at the annual military parade in Chile

Chile held its annual military show yesterday but it wasn’t the soldiers or police officers who captivated the attention of the people, it was the group of 9 newly recruited golden retriever puppies alongside their fully grown brothers and sisters.


The 45 day old puppies are the new members of the national police’s canine training unit.


Throughout the march, police trainers of the canine unit carried the 45 year old puppies who were tucked tight in their special yellow carriers and kept warm by snuggling against their little heaters.



The puppies were marching alongside other dogs from the canine unit and members of Chile’s military, in addition to soldiers from various other countries that were invited to march at Santiago’s O’Higgins Park. 


More than 9,500 Chilean troupes took part of the parade in honour of the 208th Independence day anniversary.


Note: the park was named after Chilean independence leader Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme who was Irish by origin.