New hack lets you bypass lock screen in iOS 12

Despite Apple’s attempts to advertise its products as safe and secure, a new method emerged shortly after iOS 12’s release that will allow you to beat its security system.

Last week on September 26th, a Youtuber named Jose Rodriguez posted a video on his channel Videosdebarraquito instructing his audience on how they can bypass an iPhone locked by an iOS 12 run-passcode.

The original Spanish-language video released by Rodriguez exposes the functionality of the hack on the iPhone 8. However, a later video by EverythingApplePro shows how you can perform the hack on all devices that run on iOS 12.

The process in itself is slightly complex and requires using Siri to take over voiceover and then sending a text from another phone to the iPhone you wish to hack. Soon after, a timely double tap will allow you to access certain features and commands you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. Although they are invisible behind a white screen, you simply have to swipe across  to access these features.

This hack works on both Face ID and Touch ID enabled phones.

The process is not so simple to initiate and according to Gadget Hacks, requires a 37-step process to properly gain access. Therefore, the hacker will require ample time to take advantage of the bug in the first place. The hacker will also need physical access of your phone so this would not occur while your phone is in your pocket.

According to Naked security, you can protect your iPhone from breaches such as these by disabling Siri’s lock screen access.

Apple has not commented on this topic as of yet. However, it is expected that the company will release a security update shortly.