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Mother outraged at police for handcuffing her mentally disabled child

A mother is outraged after her 8-year old disabled child was handcuffed by police in Chico, California.

A bystander recorded the incident on his cellphone, where the mother can be heard urging the officer to take the cuffs off her little boy.

“I just don’t understand how a little boy can be in handcuffs,” she tells the officer.

He tells her they are working on removing the handcuffs as quickly as possible, as he just stood there.

“We’re working on that,” says the officer.

“I don’t see your working on it,” she says. “Get your key out and take the handcuffs off.”

The boy can be seen lying on the ground in a distressful state “screaming, kicking and crying.” The mother became more concerned that her child would try and hurt himself.

The incident took place last Thursday, as the child wandered off from his elementary school campus. His mom states that the school has a special protocol that obliges school administrators to follow her son when he leaves due to his mental condition.

‘He’ll start walking off campus, the principal, we’ve talked about it several times,’ she said.

Instead, the administrators contacted the Butte County Sheriff’s deputies who restrained the child with cuffs so he didn’t dart towards the street because he looked “anxious” and “confused”.

“As they were following him, they became more concerned that he may dart into traffic so at one point one of the deputies took him and restrained him,” according to the sheriff’s office. “That resulted in him struggling and at one point he was scratching the deputy who was holding his arm.”

‘I was torn up,’ Ramey tells KRCR News.

‘It broke my heart. I started crying, and I’m going to start crying again.’

‘I wanted to lose it on them but at the same time I didn’t want to get myself in trouble.’

The video went viral on Facebook, and people were not happy with how the police handled the situation.

One comment reads: “This is so wrong on so many levels. I would be livid if this were my child and I would be in jail! Parents should have been called, this is unacceptable whether disabled or NOT!”

Another person said: “This was a “school resource officer” who committed this terrible offense against these poor children. The “officer” should be jailed for his actions. First of all these are kids. Second, these are kids with behaviors that require behavior modification, but NOT handcuffs. It is outrageous that the school allowed this to happen to these 2 eight year olds. Kids do not go to school to be arrested; they go to learn and be taught. It is a travesty this happened, but even more so that it happened in a school with a school sanctioned “officer.” Despicable”

Ramey doesn’t believe the school administrators were at fault. She is now looking to take legal action against the sheriff’s department.