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Male feminist roundhouse-kicks pro-life activist at an anti-abortion protest

A pro-life activist is speaking out about an incident last weekend in which she was round-house kicked by a male counter-protester at an anti-abortion event in Toronto, Canada.

Marie-Claire Bissonnette said that she along with thousands of other men, women, and children had stood at 200 street corners to peacefully protest while holding anti-abortion messages. These protests were a part of an annually held event called Life Chain.

According to Bissonnette, the majority of the protest had been rather calm with minimum altercations. Up until the incident, there had been only one counter-protester, a young lady who silently held up a sign in opposition to the protest.

However, hallway through the protest, a male-feminist protester appeared and began to vandalise the signs of the anti-abortionists.

“This guy comes up and I guess he sees what’s going on, and so he took out three markers and he drew on two of our signs. And so, I shouted ‘Protect your signs’. I guess that gave him the idea to start scribbling on people’s backs, so he scribbled on five people’s backs”, said Bissonnette.

Bissonnette took out her cell phone to film the ensuing events, which she would later post on YouTube. In the video the man begins to question her stance on abortion in cases of rape. Bissonnette can be heard in the background reaffirming her stance that the woman should keep the child regardless. At that moment, the man roundhouses Bissonnette in the shoulder, sending her mobile phone to the ground. The attacker claims he meant to kick her phone, yet offered no apology.

Since the incident, the video has gone viral online, receiving thousands of views across a wide variety of social media platforms. Bissonnette was shocked by the attacker’s conduct, and notified the police about the attacker.

However, when the police arrived 10 minutes later, her attacker had already fled. In addition, the police attempted to dissuade Bissonnette from filing a complaint and attempted to denigrate the severity of the action.

Yesterday in an Instagram post, Noble Studio 101, a local Toronto hair salon, released a statement identifying the attacker as one of its workers, Jordan Hunt. They expressed deep regret that the action was committed by one of their employees, and was keen to condemn his violent actions.



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However, the police were unable to gain conclusive evidence that the man in the video was in fact the aforementioned suspect Jordan Hunt. The investigation is ongoing; however, it is believed that the attacker’s identity will not be definitively confirmed.

Bissonnette seemed upset at the turn of events, yet claims she is no stranger to attacks when confronted with her controversial beliefs.

“I’ve had teenage boys throw rocks at me, I’ve also had men saying, ‘How would you like it if I raped you’? My message to them would be that it doesn’t fulfil their goal, it turns me off from their message and the basis of a peaceful society is being able to discuss respectfully with one another.”