MAKERphone will let you build and customize your own smartphone for just $89

With MAKERphone you can now build your own functional mobile device and customize it with your desired apps, all while learning fundamental concepts about programming and electronics.

MAKERphone comes as the second project from Croatian startup CircutMess, founded by 20 year old Albert Gajsak.

MAKERphone is an Arduino-based, ‘do it yourself’ mobile device which comes disassembled as a kit. By assembling the phone together, you will learn about fundamental programming concepts in fields such as Python and Scratch.

Once the phone is assembled it will be fully functional and lets you install apps or certain games.

MAKERphone will include:

  1. Circuit board.
  2. GSM module.
  3. Dual core processor.
  4. 128×160 pixel color LCD.
  5. Antenna and a sound module with a headphone jack.

makerphone tutorial

The DIY MAKERphone basic bundle will start at $89. You can also pay an additional fee to receive a fully assembled phone, additional tools, or pay for bundles of 2 or more at a discounted price.