LG is launching the V40 smartphone which will have five cameras

LG announced earlier today that they are launching a flagship smartphone with two cameras on the front and three on the back. The phone will be named LG V40 ThinQ and it comes in Platinum Gray, Carmine Red, and Moroccan Blue. 

The official announcement of the LG V40 ThinQ is set to be in Oct. 3.

Even though the company did not reveal much of the specs, the teaser video leaked a few details about the phone on its Korean website

So far, we know that the phone will be 6.4 inches long. The width will remain the same with 6 inches, however, LG commented that the screen size is bigger due to the reduction of the size of the bezels.

Although the front face of the device is not visible in the video, previous leaks have shown a smooth looking edge to edge display screen. The back of the phone, according to Mashable, was blasted with sand to make the glass surface scratch resistant and give the phone a “silky feel.” 

The device will also include a rear mounted finger print scanner which can be briefly seen in the video. And according to The Verge, “the handset will include a Snapdragon 845, a Quad DAC, and a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant.” However this is still speculation. 

LG is known to leak more information before the major launch of its products so keep an eye out for more information before the big reveal next week.