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Kavanaugh’s supreme court confirmation uncertain amid re-opening of FBI investigation

Kavanaugh’s supreme court confirmation encountered more obstacles late this Friday as Donald Trump begins to bow to Democrat’s demands for an FBI investigation after Flake questioned his vote of confirmation.

This was a sudden turn that left Kavanaugh’s Senate approval up in arms amid multiple allegations of sexual assault. Earlier on Friday, it appeared as if Kavanaugh’s nomination had been in the works following some eventful meetings at the Senate Judiciary committee. Trump has especially been keen to reiterate his defense of Kavanaugh and his disapproval of what he described as “a total sham”.

However, following Flake’s announcement that he would vote in favour of Kavanaugh, he was reprimanded by two women in an elevator, victims of sexual assault themselves, and it seemed as if this shifted his mind in another direction.

After an ensuing bipartisan debate soon after, Donald Trump ordered a re-opening of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct allegation. After these exchanges, GOP members had no choice but to momentarily slow down Kavanaugh’s supreme court confirmation process, going against their hope that he be confirmed before the new court term opens next week.

This has all happened amidst a plethora of protests regarding Kavanaugh’s nomination and Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony on Thursday. Ford’s testimony of Kavanaugh’s assault was juxtaposed with an angry defense from Kavanaugh, who is adamantly denying any claims that he engaged in misconduct when they were teenagers.

Public Opinion is vastly divided on its issue with many appalled that there is still a possibility he may be confirmed, and many angered by what they perceive to be a partisan witch hunt against an innocent man.

As Flake said last evening: “The country is being ripped apart here”

Even if the FBI investigation is cleared, there are still two senate votes from Republicans Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). They represent small states but their votes could prove invaluable to this ensuing national controversy.