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Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary has been eating a lot of chocolates since he was released from prison

British-Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary is out of prison, and spends his days at a bail hostel plotting, praying, and filling himself with many chocolate bars and cakes.

Choudary is a noted Islamist extremist who was jailed in 2016 for pledging allegiance to ISIS and calling for a global ‘Islamic caliphate’. He had been under the radar of government officials for many years because o his extremist views. However, he could only face prosecution when he officially gave his support to Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic state. According to British Anti-terrorism laws, this was a prosecutable offense.

He was sentenced to five and a half years in prison, and served half of his time before being released in August of this year.

According to his fellow residents at the north London hostel, he prays seven times a day, starting before the sun rises and finishing after midnight. 51-year-old Choudary has apparently gained two stone while in prison due to his love of chocolates and sweet treats.

He has continued to indulge his sweet tooth outside of jail, splurging on soft drinks, candy, and cakes at local shops near his hostel.

Choudary’s spent up to 25 pounds a week on chocolates from the Belmarsh Prison canteen, using the financial backing provided by his loyal following.

When he’s not gorging himself, he is praying for the majority of the day. One of his inmates told the Sun:

“He starts before sunrise and it is well after midnight before he’s done. Only for him to start again at about 5:50 am.

Although both the inmates and the guards find his behaviour rather irritating, they say that they can’t say anything without being accused of islamophobia.

“He knows no one will say anything to him because they’ll be accused of religious persecution or something outlandish so the rest of the residents just let him go on with it even though they can hear him reciting his prayers at all ours.”

“And when he’s not praying, he’s eating. He comes back with a bagful of chocolate or cakes most days and eats them in his room. He is not a sharing kind of guy and doesn’t mix with the other residents.”

According to Islamic doctrine, devout Muslims are to pray at least five times a day from seven sets of worship. Choudary does the full set of seven prayers every single day.

Since his release, the hardline Islamic fundamentalist has applied for Jobseeker’s allowance, and is being forced to take lessons in moderate theology and receive mentoring. This is all part of the UK government’s new “desistance and disengagement” programme to combat religious extremism. Choudary will be one of the first (and the most high-profile) to be forced into this program.

A lot of the public fears that ex-prisoners accused of extremism may pose a threat to public safety.

An unnamed security source added:

“Re-education, deradicalization and halting extremism from feeding young minds is so important now, but most important is that we stop extremists reoffending.”