iPhone XS and XS Max devices already plagued with charging issues

People are complaining that their latest Apple phones, the iPhone XS and XS Max, are not charging when plugged in, MacRumours report this Saturday.

In most cases, the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max only begins to charge after users wake the phone up by tapping the screen. For some, charging the phone requires both waking it up and disconnecting and reconnecting the Lightning cable.

In more rare cases, the iPhone completely freezes at some point after the phone is plugged in while the screen is in sleep mode.

Youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger performed a test by plugging in several iPhone XS and XS Max devices and found that they didn’t charge until after he woke up the phones. A bigger issue he detected was that one of the iPhone XS Max devices was stuck in sleep mode when plugged in, and the phone wouldn’t switch back to regular mode until he unplugged it from the charger.

This issue could be caused by a security feature that existed before iOS 12 was released. The feature was intended to prevent iPhones from connecting to devices like computers if they haven’t been recently unlocked. That way the phone couldn’t be hacked easily.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be occurring when plugging a phone into a wall charger.

Apple still did not comment on whether this issue will be fixed with a an upcoming software update.