Check this list and we will tell you how broke you are


You probably say you are broke at one time or another, but how broke actually are you? Do you just have some temporary financial issues…or is the situation more dire? Take this quiz and find out!

How broke are you?

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How broke are you?

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Check everything you've done to save money

1. You skip breakfast regularly
2. A good portion of your meals are packaged Ramen
3. Your idea of going out to eat is McDonalds
4. You get the happy meal as an adult to save money
5. You wear the same clothes over and over again to save on your laundry bill
6. Most of your clothes are ripped and ragged ( and not for purposes of style)
7. You take showers at the local community swimming pool to save $$ on your water bill
8. You sometimes stuff yourself with free samples at grocery stories/bakeries for your meal
9. You took someone's uber if you thought it might be going in your direction?
10. You would eat something out of the garbrage if it looked somewhat clean and edible
11. If your shoes tore, you would duck tape them together rather than buying new ones
12. You have a car
13. You would sneak into a wedding for the free buffet
14. You pay your bills late
15. You would steal the neighbour's WIFI to avoid paying for your own
16. You don't have cable
17. You would collect bottles on the beach to earn an extra few bucks
18. You walk long distances because you can't afford subway fare
19. You cracked your smartphone screen but continued to use it because a new one would be too expensive
20. Your idea of a vacation is going to a suburban water park
21. "I'll get you next time" has become a mantra for you when you go out with your friends
22. Most of your clothes are from thrift stores or Goodwill
23. You get your friend to cut your hair to avoid paying for a haircut
24. You have gone hunting/fishing out of neccesity
25. You sometimes stuff yourself with free samples at grocery stores/bakeries for a meal

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How broke are you?

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