Houston city council objects to the construction of sex robot brothel

On Wednesday, Houston’s city council amended an ordinance in order to halt the opening of a pseudo-sex-doll brothel. The council unleashed new legislation to ban individuals from having sex with an ‘anthropomorphic device”.

Kinky S Dolls, a Toronto-based adult company, had begun construction on a showroom where customers could have “intimate relations with realistic sexy dolls”. The dolls can cost up to $10,000 with ‘body heat’ and AI voice options.

It would have been the company’s second location, following the opening of their premier location in North York, Toronto, Canada. Houston has long been known for its cultural disapproval of government regulation, so many believe this may be why they attempted to use Houston for their sex-doll showroom.

Construction had already started a while back, before city inspectors visited the location and determined they did not have the proper business permits. Elijah Rising, a Houston-based non-profit centered around opposition to sex-trafficking had started a petition to keep the business out of the city. It gained 13,500+ signatures. Council Members seemed to agree with the public opposition, calling it “weird and gross”.

“We are not a sin city”, said Greg Travis, a member of Houston’s city council.

Toronto had similar concerns over the formerly proposed opening of Aura Dolls at a shopping centre in North York. Due to protests from residents and North York Councillor Jon Filion, the business was barred from opening in the area.

Despite opposition from Houston’s municipal council and North York’s protesters, the appeal of these sex dolls seems to be palpable given the success of Kinky S Dolls’ first location in Toronto. The dolls are kept in a rectangular box ready for shipment, where the head is disassembled and packaged with the rest of the doll’s body. The dolls are silicone-based and mixed with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which gives the user an experience that is “closest to reality”.

The entrepreneur behind the company claims that although its high prices mean it remains a niche market, most customers return on a biweekly or even weekly basis. Clients pay $80 per half-hour if they are a first-time customer and $120 if they are returning. In addition, the company also does a sex doll delivery service that gives the customer 90 minutes for $300 at their location of choice.

Kinky S Dolls is keen to alleviate the public of any health or safety concerns that may come as a result of increased ‘sex doll brothel’ patronage. The owner of Kinky S Dolls insists that they discourage foul play and that fantasies involving rape or molestation are not permitted.

All clients are also required to wear condoms while they engage in mechanic sexual congress and the dolls are later brought to a “sterilization station” where they are cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and boiling water.

Despite their setback in Houston, Kinky S Dolls is optimistic about the future. They soon plan to unveil more advanced AI dolls who at $150, can moan to the customer’s delight. Advanced dolls reportedly can even memorize what a certain customer likes and engage in “sexy talk”.

“I think AI is going to start with sex. That’s what is happening right now. Like how the Internet started with free porn. Technology trigger’s people’s brains.”