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High school english teacher faces six years in prison after having an affair with her student

Well, I suppose those ‘My first sex teacher’ fantasies on don’t work out too well in the real world. Especially when the teacher has to do jail time. 

According to reports, a Wisconsin high school teacher pleaded guilty today to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old male student after police found the teacher’s phone filled with graphic messages detailing their 6-month affair.

29-year-old Samantha Fitzpatrick took a plea bargain in court last Tuesday for assaulting a teenager when she taught English at Ripon High School last year. She could face up to six years in prison.

Fitzpatrick had been arrested back in December 2017 after police received a tip that she had been involved in an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with one of her students just before her resignation.

While investigating Fitzpatrick, another teacher at the school told local authorities the young student had been telling people he’d been having sex with Fitzpatrick at her home. The teacher also claimed that she had noticed some obvious flirting between the two and the victim was often in Fitzpatrick’s classroom sitting near her desk.

According to another student’s testimony, the victim had “done stuff” with Fitzpatrick at Ripon’s Comfort Inn hotel in Ripon. She would also pay close attention to the student and ignore the rest of the class.

When the teacher asked Fitzpatrick about what she’d been hearing, she brushed it off and chucked that she “could see how they would say this.”

In fact, both parties stated the allegations were false when confronted by local police. The victim did admit that Fitzpatrick would often give him car rides, but denied the two had been having sex. He said his stories to his friends about his ‘sexy teacher’ escapades were only jokes, nothing more.

However, the police then discovered a plethora of ‘sexually graphic’ Facebook messages between the pair, which included detailed descriptions of the sex acts they wanted to perform on each other.

After they searched both their phone records, authorities found that over the victim called Fitzpatrick over 67 times. The teacher eventually detailed the student’s number but investigators were able to recover their calling history.

In some of the messages, Fitzpatrick tells the victim she loves him and continuously requests him to send her nude photos.

The Facebook messages between the two stemmed from November 2016 to May 2017 before the details of her child affair went public and she felt compelled to resign.

She had faced numerous charges of child enticement, exposing a child to harmful materials, and obstructing an officer. But all these charges were dropped as part of her plea agreement.