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Gordon Ramsey wears his son’s underpants when he “misses him so much”

It’s not unusual for people to share personal anecdotes on Late Night TV, and it is not always breaking news for them to be a little strange. However, no one would ever suspect that the sarcastic Hell’s Kitchen superstar would be someone who wears his son’s underpants because “he misses him so much”.

Ramsay revealed this odd habit of his on The Late Late Show with James Cordon while talking about his children moving out of the house. The interview started out normally, with Ramsey saying he felt ‘gutted’ when he dropped off his twins, Jack and Holly, at university. He discussed normal feelings parents have when their kids not only leave, but seem keen to leave their parents in search of freedom and “peace and quiet”.

However, things turned weird when Ramsey started talking about what he did after his kids left the house.

Ramsey said: “It’s tough. I went up the stairs to Jack’s bedroom last weekend and I opened all the drawers and his socks and his pants [underwear] are all there. Five minutes later I’m f****** wearing them.”

Unsurprisingly, Cordon wasn’t going to let that comment go unaddressed, questioning why in God’s name he felt the need to wear his lad’s knickers. Ramsey then attempts to go back on his comments, intercepting Cordon with cries of “nooo” and “he’s the same size”.

“All mine were in the wash, so I thought, Jack he’s nicked my bloody pants again,” Ramsey explains. “Lo and behold they’re upstairs in his drawer.”

“So, I put them on and just sat on his bed thinking, damn, bud I miss you.”

This is not the only anecdote in the news about Ramsey’s nether regions. Only two weeks ago, Gino D’Acampo revealed that Ramsey had the “biggest willy”. He added that Ramsey would often use his penis to wake him up. In reality, D’Acampo said that Ramsey would bang him with his private parts when they both were producing Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Road Trip. However, most social media users were still shocked by the news.

Ramsey’s clock routine reportedly also taught him that the big Scotsman is “a big boy in every way’, indicating that if his son Jack’s underwear are the same size, he’s clearly inherited his father’s ‘sizeable’ genetics.

Dakota Johnson, who was another guest on the show, remarked on how cute Ramsey’s familial anecdotes were, claiming he was “not very ragefull at all”. She humorously predicted that soon enough Ramsey would appear on his shows crying and sharing his emotions. The audience seemed to approve of Johnson’s comments.

It would be difficult for any Hell’s kitchen aficionado to view Ramsey as the same bitter, angry head chef that he has presented himself as. It’s quite rare for a raging master chef to wear his son’s underpants to cover up the pain of missing his son.