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Girl Scout sells out her whole cookie supply outside Canadian cannabis store

On the first day of legal marijuana sales in Canada, a nine-year-old girl was seen selling girl scout cookies after setting up shop outside a local cannabis distributer in Edmonton, Canada.  According to her father Seann Childs, she sold out all 30 boxes of cookies at $5 each in under 45 minutes.

This little entrepreneur is Elina Childs, who is a member of the Girl Guides of Canada Brownie program. According to CTV News, her father came up with the idea to sell cookies outside the marijuana shop.

We were going to sell them in the neighborhood and it’s always been a little slow,” he said. “Elina was actually bit by a dog once.”

Childs claims that he used this experience to teach his young daughter about legalization.

“We talked about…what it was and what it means for people who want to use it and people who don’t want to use it.”

Since birth, Elina has been afflicted with cystic fibrosis. Her involvement with the Brownies has been instrumental in keeping her active. Childs says that smoking is usually associated with pain and harm for her, so she wanted to create a situation where smoking could actually work to her benefit.

“We like to have frank discussions with her, so she understands what it is and take away that mystery behind it,” Childs said in an interview with The Canadian Press. “Just to show her people of all ages and all walks of life doing this and it’s legal in Canada now, just to demystify it for her so it’s not a big deal for her.”

Besides saying that she had “fun”, Elina didn’t comment on her experience when she was interviewed on national TV. She did share a great joke with the TV crew though.

“Why did the cookie go to the doctor?”

“Cause it was feeling crummy.”