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Foot Fetish model earns $100,000 a year from selling her dirty socks on Instagram

If you’ve ever felt there must be an easier way to make a living, well, this recent story reveals one. A woman from the UK has disclosed that she earns over 100,000 British Pounds online from her stinky socks.

Roxy Sykes, a property investor based in London, decided to step into the foot fetish industry after she was told she had “beautiful” feet. She created an Instagram page to see how many people would be interested. She had over 10,000 followers within a month.



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As strange as it may seem, Sykes is not an outlier. Instagram is no stranger to such pages. According to, the industry is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and many of the ‘foot’ stars earn over $90,000 a year. The backbone of the industry are buyers, who usually have photo-less Instagram accounts, so they can interact with the sellers without revealing their identity.

The sellers use two distinct models depending on whether their account is private or public. Those with private accounts usually earn profits through subscriptions, requiring people to pay a set fee before being able to access their page.

But those with public accounts simply sell custom photos and videos directly to buyers through Instagram’s DM feature. For these sellers, their Instagram page acts as a catalogue for their ‘products’.

However, her followers wanted more than just images and Sykes soon realized they wanted something tangible to sustain their foot fetish. She also realized that the foot fetish industry was as competitive as any other, so she needed to set herself apart.

Sykes then started selling her used shoes and socks over social media. They cost £20 for a pair of socks and £200 for shoes. After just four years setting up her business, Roxy claims she can earn up to £8,000 during a busy month. Even a single video of her wiggling her toes can make up to £100, so her feet are clearly garnering a lot of attention.


According to Sykes, her ‘job’ has never been a detriment to her love life and she doesn’t intend on quitting anytime soon. It’s unlikely anyone would in her position.

“I really like what I do, and I think that’s because I really got desensitized from it and saw it as work.”

Now, Sykes is hoping she can help mentor other fetish models.

“It’s great to be able to help others and teach people my apparent ‘talent’ so that they can follow what I do”.

“It’s also amazing to see people’s confidence grow when they make these videos and start to earn money from something like a pair of socks”.

She hopes that they can work together to reduce the stigma associated with foot fetishes and the models who cater to them.