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Five year old Ohio boy hospitalized after eating candy laced with meth while trick-or-treating

Five-year-old Ohio boy, Braylen Carwell was hospitalized after consuming candy laced with methamphetamines he got while trick or treating on Sunday. The boy is expected to make a full recovery; however, the parents want to warn others about the incident.

Braylen’s father told the officer present that he’d gone trick-or-treating with his kids for about two hours on Sunday. When they got home, his son fell over and lapsed into a seizure. The dad claimed his son only had a few pieces of candy and was playing with some fake teeth.

“Right now, there’s nothing specific,” said Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield. “We need to narrow it down to see if there was in fact something that was tainted.”

The boy’s mother, Julia Pence, told WSYX-TV: “The left side of his face was just droopy and then he fell and then he couldn’t move his left arm.”

“And he didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know what he was doing,” she continues.

The Galion Police Department is currently investigating the incident. They recently collected the candy he consumed, and the prop vampire teeth that he wore on Sunday. The police department took to Facebook to warn others in the town to check the candy and other festive accessories before allowing their children to take them.

“If you suspect that anything has been tampered with, please contact our department by phone so that an officer can stop and collect the items,” the department’s post read.

According to the department, this was the first time they have received a report such as this.

Even though the mother is enraged, she says that she’s happy she “got to bring [her] son home okay and alive.” However, the mother says the effects of the drugs are still present.

“You can tell he is still coming down from it,” she told the news outlet. “Because one minute he is all hyper and the next minute he is tired.”