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Facebook sued in California court over recent data breach

Hours after Facebook’s announcement on Friday that 50 million users were affected by a security breach, two of the affected users have come together in a class action lawsuit against the social media giant. In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook was hit with four lawsuits within the course of a week. If that incident is any indicator, this is only the first of many lawsuits  to be filed against the company.

It was only yesterday on September 28th that Facebook notified its users of a possible breach in security. An issue in the site’s “View As” feature, which allows users to see what information others can view on their profile, allowed hackers to take control of private accounts. The infiltrators were able to gain control of user data by stealing Facebook’s ‘access tokens‘, which are the equivalent of digital keys that allow people to access their account without having to log in every time they visit the site.

The two users behind the lawsuit, Carla Echavarrai and Derrick Walker, filed suit today in California Northern District Court. They accused the social media company of violating California’s unfair competition law, negligence, and of concealing “grossly inadequate security measures.”

Echavarrai and Walker both claim the suit represents “all persons who registered for Facebook accounts in the US and whose PIII was accessed, compromised, or stolen from Facebook in the September 2018 date breach.”

Although Facebook’s Product Managing VP Guy Rosen published a blog post announcing the breach, and Zuckerberg has addressed it in a couple conference calls, Facebook has not published any details on the data stolen, those responsible, or confirmation that the breach was limited to 50 million accounts.