Facebook launches new dating app in Canada and Thailand

In the film The Social Network, the story goes that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg only started the company in order to impress the girl he liked. Now, lonely people like Zuckerberg will be able to find ‘the one’ on Facebook’s very own dating service, Facebook Dating. It was first launched over two months ago in Colombia for a test run, and today is launching in both Canada and Thailand. The company also added a few new features to the service in preparation for the launch, including the ability to re-review the people you swiped left on, and the ability to pause the service temporarily.

Facebook Dating’s pause feature is akin to the Snooze Bumble launched in September for its own app, which gave its users to change to take a break from online dating without deleting the app. Some people do so because they’re frustrated, busy, or because they have matched with someone they really like and want to give them their undivided attention. Facebook will also allow you to match with people you have on pause.

As for the re-review feature, it is already quite common on many apps. For example, Bumble allows you to shake your phone to go back and swipe on the same person again, while Tinder’s new “Feed” feature lets you follow the updates of the matches you decided to ignore earlier.

This feature will be in Facebook’s Dating Settings, and will show people in reverse chronological order from the way you saw them. If need be, you can scroll through your Suggested Matches and even review the people you swiped left on, a feature that’ll usually cost you money on other dating apps.

Other features include the ability to review a blocked list, support for non-metric units (like range and height), and more interactive profile content, like a feature that lets you tap for conversation entry points-such as a shared college or similar interest. All these new features were included in the new version of Facebook dating that released today.

Facebook also claims they will release a pre-emptive block list based on the feedback they receive from users.

Originally announced 6 months ago in May, Facebook has already thought about some of the larger details surrounding the operation of the dating service. Like Tinder, it will only let users swipe right on 100 people per day, and it will also open up other settings that would let people match with either strangers or their ‘friends of friends’ on their Facebook profile.

Facebook is already at an advantage with their dating service, since people already go their (along with Instagram, which Facebook owns anyway) to stalk/examine their new matches. Also, the service could allow people to search up people’s data on their Facebook profile. That way, you wouldn’t have to go through the “getting to know you” questions you do on another apps.

It also helps that Facebook is marketing its service for those who want to be in a relationship, which is exactly the opposite of what the world’s leading dating app-Tinder-is renowned for.

Some disadvantages for Facebook lie in its recent privacy scandals. A lot of its users have lost faith in the platform’s ability to keep their private lives private, and dating tends to be something people don’t want to share with their entire Facebook friends list. Even though Facebook promises to maintain user privacy, no one buying it.

Nonetheless, the device is still making headlines, and will launch in the US at some point in the near future, though Facebook hasn’t specified when.

“We don’t have any specific metrics to share, but we’ve been pleased with the response in Colombia thus far and are excited to roll it out to Thailand and Canada,” said a Facebook spokesperson.