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Drake photo goes viral after McGregor vs Khabib brawl

Following Connor McGregor’s failed return to UFC, Drake has been entangled in the drama, resulting in numerous jokes and memes.

Last night, McGregor’s return to UFC after a two-year absence was commemorated by a whooping by Khabib Nurmagomedov, who successfully defended hit title in Las Vegas.

Following Khabib’s victory, a brawl broke out between the teams of the two boxers, each claiming the one attacked the other first. Khabib claims he jumped out of his cage because a member of McGregor’s team attacked on of his, while McGregor’s team claims Khabib initiated the brawl himself.

While UFC fans argue over the exact perpetrators of the brawl, the internet has gone mad with memes and jokes about hip-hop icon Drake’s reaction to the events.

Drake had already been in UFC news after he was photographed with McGregor at the official UFC weigh-in, holding an Irish flag around his back. Drake, a Canadian rapper of Jewish and African American descent, were somewhat confused by his support of the Irish UFC fighter.  While this may have seemed somewhat random to most casual viewers, the pair have been friends for quite a long time, with the ‘Kiki’ star appearing to support McGregor at numerous MMA events.



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Nonetheless, due to the nature of the internet, many have accused Drake of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’. And thus, many have poked fun at Drake terrified demeanour while watching Khabib jumping out of his cage. Numerous memes and jokes have been made about the rapper’s photo. 


As for the viral photo itself, it isn’t actually from last night’s fight but was in fact taken at a Travis Scott concert Drake attended in April 2017.

Oh well…