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Confused police officer stops man for having the Tesla Model 3 console on the dashboard of his car

Jon Hall was pulled over by a police officer for having the standard Model 3 centre console on the dashboard of his Tesla car. 

“You are not allowed to have your computer mounted on there,” says the police officer.

John laughs and says, “Could you help me take it off?”

“This is stock with the car, like this literally is my only centre console”

“What is this thing?” says the police officer.

“It’s called a Tesla Model 3….So like yeah I can’t remove this it’s how I control my air conditioning.” 

“I see…interesting…hmm….Does it have other features like other computer features?”  Says the officer.


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Happy Earth Day.

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“It’s like car stuff right, some of like the driving settings and like controlling the music but nothing else.”

“I apologize for stopping you I didn’t realize it was stock….. Pretty slick,” says the officer.