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Company staff whipped with belts and forced to drink urine when they fail to meet their company’s profit targets

Last night, CCP police detained three managers of a home improvement firm for punishing their staff in Zunyi, Guizhou province by whipping them with a belt.

According to a worker’s testimony, employees were consistently subjected to physical abuse. Chinese media reported that managers would regularly beat them with belts and force them to consume urine and insects because they had not met their sales quotas.

Video footage emerged last week that showed several men getting whipped by their bosses in front of other employees. Another clip shows workers being forced to drink cups of yellow piss while holding their noses to hide their discomfort. The shocking footage prompted local police to launch a full investigation of this establishment.

Beijing Youth Daily also reports that the managers inflicted other inhumane punishments for failing to meet expected profits, this includes wearing underwear in public, eating mustard, shaving their heads, and selling condoms on the street. One manager reportedly even sent a text message showing that staff would have to eat three cockroaches for every failed sale.

Guo and Cai, two of the company’s abusive managers, have been detained by local police for about 10 days, while another manager named Huang has been detained for five days. Honghuagang police (the police squad who monitors this region) said in a statement on Weibo on Sunday.

The story has gone viral on social media, under the title ‘employees who failed to meet their goals forced to drink urine’. It has been viewed over 30 million times over the past couple days.

While most people were keen to offer their sincerest sympathies to employees, many people question why the workers don’t just quit.

One employee claimed that the company already owed the workers over two month’s pay and if they didn’t accept the horrific punishments, their pay would be cut.

The Chinese government issued a statement on its website, citing Article 88 of China’s employment contract law. It states that company bosses are not permitted to humiliate or give corporal punishment for workers. The government also said that the managers would be liable for any compensation if the worker is harmed in any way.