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Numerous British Asian families face multiple raids because of US troll’s smear campaign

Innocent Southeast Asian families in the UK have had armed police burst into their homes because some perverse troll conjured up lies about them being pedophiles, murderers, and violent actors. Late last night, authorities raided family homes in Manchester, England, after being ‘tipped’ off that the residents were violent and holding people hostage.

Actually, the police just ended up waking up some sleeping families with young kids and elderly relatives, terrified by the unexpected intrusion. The ‘tip off’ was merely a small part of a longstanding sadistic ruse.

According to Manchester Evening News, an American woman, whose identity has not been revealed, conducted a yearlong-cyber-stalking campaign of some of these families. She collected all the details she could find about the victims on social media and used them to spew hate, abusive vitriol, and false accusations. She reportedly made a bunch of fake internet profiles and over 999 hoax calls.

According to reports, one of the victims was a woman who recently had an unfortunate miscarriage. This sadistic troll reportedly contacted the woman, posing as her unborn child saying: “Why mommy, why you kill me?”

She accused her other targets of pedophilia, holding hostages at gunpoint, and murder. In addition to the armed police who fell prey to the trolls, unarmed police have believed similar false accusations on many other occasions.

Many of the victims claim they are furious that the police would didn’t do anything to curb the troll’s false accusations, and would even raid their homes because of them.

According to Rangzib Nazir, a local artist promoter who runs a business called “Lockdown Promotions”, the troll specifically targeted people in the entertainment industry because their details were publicly available.

Nazir claims that someone contacted him on December 12th looking to book some acts for an event in the States. He apparently became worried when she revealed herself to be a woman and suggested to Nair that they should put cameras in the room to secretly record some of the performers.

When Nazir told her that he didn’t want to work with her, she apparently promised to “destroy” him and brand him as a pedophile online.

“She started putting messages up on social media that I’m a pedophile and my associates are pedophiles and that my colleagues are all part of a grooming group,” he added.

He went to his local police station in Oldam to file a report and even went on Facebook live to try and explain what this woman was doing.

The abuse was relentless but was at its worst around 3 months ago when his tormenter told local authorities Nazir was holding his family hostage at gunpoint. Finally, armed police swarmed his house in Oldam at 3 am.

Nazir said: “I’ve looked outside and seen blue lights and about 17 police cars. Some of them were armed. They’ve said ‘armed police, get your hands up.”

Even though he woke up his daughter, son, and parents to prove to the police they weren’t being harmed, they came to his property again, also at 3am.

Some of the other victims were reportedly entrepreneurs in either the Bollywood music or fashion industry.  Apparently, all of them were targeted by the woman because they were all connected to Nazir and his business “Lockdown Promotions”.

One of those targeted was Rizwan Mahmood, a local DJ who had been accused of murdering a child inside his property. Apparently, he and his children came home one day to find that police had smashed down his door and entered his house. He claimed it was his third police visit, after many fake reports when he clearly showed his wife and children were fine.

He was reportedly targeted after he booked a performance with Lockdown Promotions, and expressed his support for the company online.

According to a police spokesperson, they believe they followed proper procedure based on the information given to them. However, they have now confirmed that these calls have all been part of a hoax and that there were no concerns for people at these addresses.

“The malicious calls are now part of a wider investigation.”