Belgium is suing Google for not blurring images of defence bases

The Ministry of Defence in Belgium is suing Google for not obscuring images of military sites in the country.

The mapping service fail is problematic because it shows the military site in vivid detail, especially when using the ‘street view feature’.

According to Reuters, due to national security purposes, “the ministry said it had requested that sites such as air bases and nuclear power stations be obscured on Google’s satellite mapping service.”

“The Ministry of Defence will sue Google,” the spokeswoman said, without elaborating on the statement.

Google usually complies with similar requests from government agencies to maintain national security. Because of this, it would be very unlikely that the company internally uncensored the imagery on Google maps.

Google did not respond immediately but the spokesman for the company in Belgium said in statement that “It’s a shame the Belgium Department of Defence have decided to take this decision.”

”We have been working closely with them for more than two years, making changes to our maps where asked to make them legal under Belgian law.”

“We plan to continue working with them in that spirit of cooperation.”