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B.C. casino responds after Drake accuses them of racial profiling

Drake is discontent with his experience at a Vancouver casino, alleging he had been racially profiled. Drake has first launched his criticism for the Parq Vancouver casino on his Instagram page.

The rapper from the 6ix was in Vancouver for the weekend for two live shows on his Aubrey and Three Migos tour, and was apparently denied the opportunity to gamble at the casino.

photo of drake screenshotHe described the Parq as the worst run business I have ever witnessed, and slammed the casino for profiling me and not allowing me to gamble when I had everything, they originally asked me for.

According to the Vancouver Sun, many of Champagne Papis (what hes called on Instagram) Instagram followers leaped to his defense, furious at the casino for its treatment of Drake. Many even took to Yelp and TripAdvisor to leave scathing comments about the casino. Most claimed they would never enter the casino and demanded Drake be given an apology.

Why didnt yall let Drizzy Drake gamble when he gave you guys everything you all asked for? Pathetic!!! I hope yall go out of business! reads one comment on TripAdvisor.

The casino responded to the claims of racial profiling. Narinda Nagra, the casinos director of marketing, issued a statement:

Parq Vancouver is sorry to hear about this experience and takes these matters very seriously. We are required to adhere to strict regulations with respect to gambling in British Columbia. We are actively investigating this matter and have made several efforts to reach out to the customer and his team to discuss the issue. We are committed to having a productive conversation to resolve this issue.

According to the provincial gambling regulator, all British Columbia casinos have been required to gather detailed information on the sources of player funds for transactions of $10,000+. If a player fails to provide the appropriate information, he will not be allowed to gamble. These regulations have been enforced since January 2018.

The British Lottery Corporation said in a statement on January 10th:

“Effective today, all cash and bank draft/certified cheque buy-ins for $10,000 or more, in one or more transactions within a 24-hour period, will require a source of funds receipt. The original receipt must be from the same day of the transaction and show the financial institution, branch number and account number.

Meanwhile, Drizzys fans took to Twitter to express their anger over their stars treatment:


Another Vancouver casino, River Rock, also chimed in on the Twitter bashing, likely seeking to defend the rapper to make their rival look bad.

Amidst spikes in criticism, Parq Casino president Brunini affirmed that their casino was committed to having a productive conversation to resolve this issue.

We categorically stand against racism of any kid. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience for all. he adds.