Apple’s new iPad Pro will have a square look and no headphone jack according to leaked reports

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple will announce their redesigned iPad Pros this Tuesday, Oct. 30 at an Apple event themed “making” in Brooklyn, New York. The report indicates that the new iPad pros will include interior updates such as a faster processor, and exterior updates, such as a square look, similar to that of iOS devices like the iPhone 4 and 5.

 According to Mark Gurman, who is known to release accurate details on Apple products before their launch, the new iPad pros “will include more squared-off sides like the iPhone 5, 5S, and SE from a few years ago.”

Gurman’s report is in line with a similar leak by 9to5mac earlier this month.

According to some rumours circulating tech sites, both the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro will have significantly smaller bezels on all four sides of the device, almost as thin as 5.8mm. The device will support Face identification in portrait or landscape mode.

Another rumour suggests that the new iPads will not come with a headphone jack. Therefore, hands free Siri activation and AirPods might be available for the new design. It is also expected that the lightning port will be replaced with a USB-C port to make the tablet “a more versatile laptop replacement.” The new tablets are also expected to come with a second-generation Apple Pencil.

Here is a list of the expected updates according to Bloomberg:

  1. Edge-to-edge screens with smaller bezels.
  2. A USB-C port for charging and syncing data. This will enable owners to output 4K video to an external display platform.
  3. The Home button and fingerprint scanner will be removed, the tablet can be unlocked using Face ID.
  4. Face ID will enable emojis on iPads for the first time. The Face ID on the new iPads will work in landscape and portrait mode, but won’t work if the device is upside down.
  5. The screens will be LCD panels, a cheaper alternative to the OLED screens on the iPhone XS.
  6. The new iPad will have a more boxed look, which resembles the iPhone 5.
  7. A faster processor supported by the A12 Bionic chip which is used on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.
  8. Tablets will include Apple graphics chip.
  9. A new Apple Pencil which will pair with the iPad when it’s near, similar to how AirPods sync to the iPhone.

Finally, the upcoming iPad pros are rumoured to have magnetic connectors for additional accessories that can be purchased at the Apple store. This includes a new Smart Keyboard which can turn your iPad into a laptop.

Essentially, Apple is introducing these changes to encourage content creation on its devices. The new features will be used by those who create graphics, design websites, edit videos and more.