Apple users claim iPhone XS selfie camera has a secret ‘beauty mode’

If you’ve bought the new iPhone XS, you’re already aware that its selfie-feature differs than that of other models. Many users on Reddit and Youtube have claimed the iPhone XS has a ‘beauty mode’ for its selfie camera. On services such as Snapchat or Instagram, there are numerous features that actively enhance your facial appearance. In addition, phone companies such as Samsung and Huawei have ‘beauty mode settings’ built into their camera function, so many have implied Apple may be doing the same.

However, while selfies look different on the iPhone XS, it is for a different reason.

While Apple has not yet commented overtly on the issue, it’s been implied that the changes in photos is likely a result of updates in its XS camera.

Both the front and rear-facing camera have been installed with “advanced algorithms”, powered by Apple’s updated A2 Bionic processor. The attempt has come as a way of improving image processing and results in low-light settings, according to the company. Also, a new feature called Smart HDR was installed in this model, which adds more highlights/shadow detail.

These new features can lessen the effect of noise reduction in photos, which makes images look grainy.

A member of the website Cult of Mac, David Pierini, said the technology empire’s efforts to rid its images of graininess likely led to the change in selfie-pictures.

“Noise reduction tools remove those rogue pixels, but the results often leave a smooth or slightly softer finish to a photo”, he said.

“The average iPhone users doesn’t necessarily do an elaborate post-production finish to their photos. Apple tries to sold this in-camera with a large sensor and new image signal processor that is part of the A12 Bionic chip.”

It’s likely that the tech company will introduce different levels of Smart HDR, or give the user the jurisdiction to reduce the intensity of the noise-reduction algorithm for selfie-photos.

The new model, the iPhone XR, releases next month.