Apple unveils new iPad Pro and MacBook air models at today’s event

Today, it’s expected that Apple will launch two new computer models: a revamped iPad Pro and a successor to the acclaimed MacBook air. There have been a lot of rumors about the iPad Pro’s new specs, but the new MacBook (the model’s name is yet to be released) and its specs haven’t been as talked about yet. Even though the iPad Pro may be the superior product, the anticipation is far greater for the new MacBook.

Many analysts claim that the tech company’s objectives for the iPad Pro are quite clear. Apple is likely trying to increase its iOS capability till it can one day replace the MAC as the main of platform of choice for consumers.

Many techies may argue that the iPad has already replaced the Mac as user’s main computing choice. In many ways, the iPad Pro may definitely solidify this replacement. It can serve that purpose for two different kinds of people, those who need something rather simple or those who are so tech savvy that they can break through iOS’s limitations and create capabilities that match the traditional Mac (or Windows PC for that matter).

The iPad pro will likely get progressively more advanced as time goes on, and Apple’s upcoming announcements are likely another step in that process. At the moment, the iPad and iOS simply aren’t as flexible when it comes to computer activities that most people need to do. Any updates are likely going to focused on increasing that flexibility (except for a possible USB-C port, but that would be surprising).

However, Apple’s objectives with the MacBook pro seem to be completely different, and less evident. No one knows which direction Apple will be taking the product series till its announcement later in the day. Therefore, the stakes seem much higher.

The recent MacBook models have not come close to reaching the Air’s pedigree. While the 12-inch MacBook was incredible in terms of its minimal size, it was too overpowered and definitely too overpowered to appeal to most people. The same was true for the first MacBook Air, but the Air had seen more frequent progress. Most consumers were also turned off by a below-par keyboard and lack of ports, and justifiably went with a different option.

For over half a decade, the MacBook was thought to be the best laptop on the market. Not only was it unparalleled in terms of mass market appeal, but it also was thought to be the best Windows laptop for a while via Boot Camp.

There were similar criticisms of the recent MacBook pro. They may have improved on processing power, but are again above the price range for consumers. In addition, the selection of hardware features was relatively poor, only having the touch bar, keyboard issues, and a lack of ports (again). However, the real issue simply was that they didn’t have the same appeal as the MacBook Air.

Apple could re-enter its lost reputation today if their new MacBook Air has quality improvement and updated specs. It could potentially be the default choice for many users once again. It could provide some key answers to questions about Apple’s commitment to its laptop series along with the Apple as its primary computing platform. If its specs are disappointing and the prices as steep, it may set the MacBook back a few years in regaining faith in the MacBook series.

Apple’s unveiling event will kick off at 2pm GMT today. Followers of the event may also expect some updates on Apple’s other products such as the Mac Mini. Many websites like the, TechCrunch, and CNET will be streaming the event and providing liveblogging updates as more information becomes available.