Answer these 20 questions and we’ll tell you which “Narcos” drug lord you are


It is difficult to imagine yourself as one of the notorious characters from Colombia’s notorious cartels. However, if you answer these questions, we will tell you which trafficker from “Narcos” best resembles your personality.

Which Narcos trafficker are you?

Pablo Escobar raises a glass

Which Narcos trafficker are you?

Question 1 of 20.

Pick a colour

1. Green
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Brown

Question 2 of 20.

Pick an outfit

1. Suit and tie
2. Jeans and a flannel shirt
3. Sombrero and a collared shirt
4. Filthy striped shirt and sweatpants

Question 3 of 20.

Pick a city

1. Bogota
2. New York
3. Miami
4. Los Angeles

Question 4 of 20.

Pick a movie

1. Scarface
2. Snitch
3. The Godfather
4. Goodfellas

Question 5 of 20.

What is your favourite song?

1. "Tuyo" By Rodrigo Amarante
2. "Money Maker" by Ludacris
3. Coco by O.T Genesis
4. "Hips don't Lie" by Shakira

Question 6 of 20.

If you had to have one last meal, what would it be?

1. Steak and rice
2. My rival's head on a platter
3. Enchiladas
4. Empanadas

Question 7 of 20.

Who do you see yourself as?

1. A playboy
2. A man of the people
3. A badass gangster
4. A loyal friend
5. An elite gentleman

Question 8 of 20.

Pick a vice

1. Smoking
2. Drinking
3. Las prostitutas
4. Sympathizing with Nazis

Question 9 of 20.

What do you like to do for fun?

1. Go dancing
2. Party at your local brothel
3. Have a dinner party
4. Watch TV at home

Question 10 of 20.

What do you do with all your money?

1. Bury it in the ground
2. Start a business
3. Buy a soccer team
4. Run your own political campaign
5. Run a brothel

Question 11 of 20.

What is your weapon of choice?

1. Pistol
2. M-16
3. Time bomb

Question 12 of 20.

Your associate approaches you and says the shipment was confiscated. What do you do?

1. Dig a 6 foot hole
2. You're fired!
3. It's ok. It was a mistake
4. Comer mierda puta!

Question 13 of 20.

What is most important/precious to you?

1. Las Chicas (girls)
2. $$$$$
3. Fame and adulation
4. My family
5. Control
6. Covering my own ass

Question 14 of 20.

If the police are on your trail, what do you do?

1. Negotiate a deal with them
2. Protect your friends and family
3. Fight to the death
4. Quickly run away before they show up

Question 15 of 20.

How do you deal with elite politicians and government officials?

1. Plato o Plomo!
2. Send a message to show them who's boss
3. Work with them

Question 16 of 20.

How do you deal with rival cartels?

1. Make a deal and become partners
2. Ignore them
3. Try to steathily encroach on their territory
4. Drink the blood of those malparidos (bastards)

Question 17 of 20.

You are caught and then sent to prison. What do you do?

1. Build your own jail
2. Negotiate yourself out of prison time
3. Escape!
4. Anything but extradition!

Question 18 of 20.

You decided to renovate the house. Do you:

1. Build a zoo
2. Decorate the house with paintings and Neruda poetry
3. Build a new swimming pool
4. Build a helicopter landing pad

Question 19 of 20.

Choose your transportation method

1. In the back trunk of a taxi
2. Helicopter
3. I dont go anywhere they come to me
4. In the police escort I intimidated/bribed myself into

Question 20 of 20.

You wake up after a drug induced party. What do you do?

1. Do some more drugs. who wants to be sober?
2. Clean up and get to work $$$
3. I don't get high off my own supply

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Which Narcos trafficker are you?

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