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52-year old man googles “how to disappear without a trace” then is found clueless “suffering from severe memory loss”

On September 19th, 52-year old Salvatore Maninno disappeared after dropping his children off at school in the Italian township of Lajatico. Many had presumed him to be missing or possibly deceased. Police authorities have since found out that he had googled “how to disappear” before he went missing.

About a week ago however, Scottish police authorities at the St. GilesCathedral found Mannino, who claimed to have no idea who he was or how we got there. He was said to have suffered“severe memory loss” since the date he went missing.

Mr. Mannino, who claims that he cannot speak Italian, has been communicating in remedial English. He wasnt carrying any ID at the time so it was very difficult to identify him. Two weeks after he appeared, Edinburgh officers issued an appeal to identify a man with no memory’.

Edinburgh police constable Lesley Jack said at the time that:

This is a very usually inquiry, as we have a member of the public who has no idea about who he is, where he is from, or who we can call on his behalf. As a standard practice, we have reviewed all relevant missing people and the man does not match the description of anyone currently missing. We hope that, by issuing this detailed description, someone will recognize this male and come forward to assist with our inquires.”

According to reports on Italian news media, investigators examined his laptop and found past searches on how to disappear’ which raised concerns about the wellbeing of Mr. Mannino 

Since he has been admitted to the local Edinburgh hospital, authorities have found out that Mr. Mannino tried to close bank accounts belonging to him and his wife, transferring the funds to accounts under her name only. In addition, he had left a briefcase with over 10,500 (USD$11,943) and a sheet of paper with a numerical code that was later deciphered by his 18-year old son.

photo of missing italian man's familyHis son Filippo said in an interview with Italian news agency Corriere della Sera: “It was a message Dad left me to decipher, I am sure of it, because he knew I am passionate about mathematical games.’After this evidence was revealed, Mr. Mannino was charged with violating familial assistance obligations”. 

Investigators also claim that Mr. Mannino checked the weather forecast for Edinburgh and Aberdeen before leaving Italy. People who saw Mr. Mannino before his disappearance described him as “happy” and “tranquil,” but what raised investigators’ suspicion was that he left his mobile phone behind with his call history deleted.

His wife and eldest son had gone to see him in Edinburgh, but he claimed that he didn’t know who they were. At the moment, his condition is being examined at a psychiatric ward in Pisa, Italy, where doctors havent diagnosed his condition yet.