New bug in iOS 12 messaging software frustrates Apple users

Earlier this month, Apple began to release its new iOS 12 software to all eligible devices with the promise that the new version would bring system-wide performance improvements such as a faster camera and keyboard.

The final release of iOS 12 has been mostly stable, since most issues have been fixed in the following beta versions. However, one particular glitch in the new software has caused issues for many users. 

The thread functionality from an unofficial iOS 12 update causes chat threads to be unintentionally merged with different contacts. The problem was reported by a number of iMessage users since the updates came out and recently, the complaints have skyrocketed further on Apple’s discussions page.

.“Without question, the issue began when I ‘upgraded’ to iOS 12”, said one frustrated Apple user.

This ‘unified thread’ creates multiple chat threads under a single contact when a contact switches SIM, uses multiple Apple devices, or uses both their email and phone number to chat on iMessage.

“To get a message to the intended recipient, I create a new message with the correct contract. Once the message is sent, it’s voice joins with the combined message thread”.

The majority of users who have experiences this problem have been those who share a common “Apple ID” with some of their friends or family members. This has led to speculations that iMessage has been using Apple ID as the basis for combining threads. Therefore, various users under a common Apple ID are unsure whether their messages will be sent to the correct person, or from whom their texts are being sent.

“My mom texts me and it goes to my husband or son’s phone. Also, we see each other’s phone call history. WTH is going on?!”