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10 New World Order Conspiracy theories that are stranger than fiction

10 New World Order Conspiracy Theories

You may have heard some strange tales, but most of them would be rather mild when compared to some of these ideas about the New World Order. Check our list of some of the 10 strangest conspiracy theories.


Black/Phantom Helicopters


In the 1970's many people began to notice strange black helicopters appearing in the sky. At first, these helicopters were linked to other conspiracy theories such as UFO's. Overtime conspiracy theorists such as the popularized author Jim Keith (who wrote a book on the subject) proposed that the black helicopters were in fact United Nations' agents. Some have compared these choppers to locust like creatures such as those found descending from the air in the Old Testament. These agents are supposedly a tool of the New World Order, looking to seize control of the USA at any chance it gets.


Flight MH17 crash


On July of 2014, a Malaysian airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down while flying over Eastern Ukraine, resulting in the death of all 298 passengers on board. The consensus is that flight MH17 was shot down by Russian missiles during a violent altercation with the Ukrainian government.

However, many conspiracy theorists claim the answer is not so simple. Seven of the leading experts on HIV/AIDS were among those who perished in the crash. These theorists believe the crash was a deliberate attempt by the New World Order to stop the scientists from informing the public that the disease was created by the New World Order to wipe out part of the human species. 


New World Aliens


Many have suggested that the New World order is controlled by an intelligent alien race. Evidence given for this theory ranges from the cover up at Roswell to the secretive aircraft testing at Area 51 in Nevada, USA. Some say this may indicate that a strong extra-terrestrial society has been fostering the development of our entire human race since we first evolved as a species millions of years ago.


Mind Control


Many claim that the New World Order has the ability to control your minds. The NWO can take control of any individual and make them commit any act they choose. Declassified mind control experimental research projects such as MK-Ultra are offered as evidence towards the government's perfecting of such techniques. Their most famous approach is allegedly to use micro-wave auditory effects to drive their targets insane. NWO conspiracy theorists claim these efforts have been in practical use since the 1960's.




It is said that the NWO is plotting to use technology to create a superior version of the human race. This would involve the incorporation of human advancement technology and technology that allows humans to merge with computer systems. Many of these theorists believe the NWO wants to create a new form of superhuman species which would rule over all others, effectively creating a futuristic caste system. Those who are members of the NWO or sympathetic to them would be the only ones enhanced with this technology.


Fluroide Mafia


Many New World Order conspiracy theorists believe that fluoride is in our water supply solely for the purpose of creating a passive and docile population. They claim that this is perpetrated by a group called the fluoride mafia, who include food and beverage producers as well as industrial corporations. Countries affected by this phenomenon include the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Officially, fluoride became a part and parcel of our tap water supply due to its ability to protect our teeth from experiencing cavities. However, many New World conspiracy theorists believe that it builds up and sedates our brain in order to make us more passive towards the New World Order's iniquitous schemes.


Denver Airport


Many believe the Denver International Airport (DIA) is connected to the New World Order. Throughout the airport you will see paintings of Nazi officers in gas masks, children holding knives, and other disturbing images. In addition, there's a placard that states that the airport was commissioned by the New world airport commission. The belief is that this airport is in fact a headquarters for the New World Order and its sympathizers.


Climate Change


Some suspect that climate change is just another initiative by the New World Order to control the world's population. These theorists claim that the government has the technology to control the weather and therefore create climate change that results in famine, violent wars for resources, and mass flooding. The main technology used to control the climate is supposedly developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States government. It is believed that they have the ability to fester earthquakes using radio waves transmitted from the ground. 


One World Government


Many believe that the primary goal of the NWO is to create one government to control all nation-states or to replace them all together. They cite many examples from history to prove this.

Ex. Throughout the 18th and 19th century many of Britain's former colonies briefly discussed forming a massive federation from which they would annex the rest of the world and create a global federal system. The creation of the commonwealth of nations in 1949 points to this phenomenon.

In addition, during the modern era we have seen the formation of the European Union and theorists claim an "Amero" union is just around the corner wherein US, Canadian, and Mexican currencies would become one. From there it is said that only one step is needed for North America and Europe to become one singular entity. This would effectively then lay the foundation for a new world government to emerge, or so they say.


End of the time


This theory states that the New World Order is manipulating humanity to fulfill the prophecies of the rapture in the Bible. Some say that the New World Order is fulfilling God's prophecy while other theorists claim he had made deals with the devil to bring forth pain upon God's creatures. Techniques involved in manipulating the end of the world are suggested to be along the lines of orchestrating nuclear conflict.

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10 New World Order Conspiracy Theories

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